Straight Silicone Hoses DP and DN Manufacturer in India, France

Our Straight silicone hoses are made up of Premium polyester fabric and high temperature silicone rubber. these straight silicone hoses are engineered for high temperature and height pressure ranges for best performance level. Our silicone hoses have very low exctractable profile useful for transfer of critical fluids under various pressure and temperature circumstances.

We E.E.M.I. are the manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of best quality of straight silicone hoses with European technology used in various industrial and automotive purposes. Owing to top quality raw materials and fabrics, our straight silicone hoses with small diameters enjoy excellent flexibility and may make various bend radiuses. Diameters& from 6 mm& to 152 mm are frequently used for water connecting, breathers, heater matrix, etc. Bigger diameters are allowed to chop to any lengths. they're ideal for coolant, intercooler, air intake, etc. For different reinforcements, straight silicone hoses are grouped into& three types: polyester reinforced, Nomex reinforced for top temperature and Fluoro lined for carrying fuel and oils.

Polyester reinforced - Straight silicone hose Straight silicone hose reinforced by polyester fabrics is extremely effective for general applications, including home, automobile and industry. it's widely used for carrying water, air, coolant, steam, etc.

Ideal operating temperature for silicone hoses is -40 °C to +180 °C .
Unique feature is Polyester Reinforcement for defense against environment.
They have High flexibility. and UV and ozone resistant.
Also these hoses are resistant to electrochemical degradation.
They have Silicone liner for isolating media.
Silicone hoses are mainly available in Color: black, red, blue.