OEM Hydraulic Hose, OEM Flexible Hose Manufacturer in India, France.

We E.E.M.I. manufactures original equipment manufacturer (OEM) hoses for your organization, but you've got got yet to hunt out a reliable source with an honest selection across the world. If this appears like the challenge you're currently facing, address us at HOSER. As a reputable supplier of OEM adaptable hoses, we have all the hose parts and accessories you want. We realize that today quite ever, there's significant pressure to control your applications to the OEM standards in terms of performance, space, and production efficiency. Our OEM hoses facilitate your enhance your applications because they weigh less and offer more flexibility, which makes installation quick and simple. Additionally, our OEM hoses feature a smaller bend radius that allows you to position key components, like valves and pumps, closer together.

We understand the importance of safety and sturdiness and might custom-make OEM hydraulic hose that's ideal for your specific equipment and environment. Potential hose solutions include ozone and UV resistant thermoplastic hydraulic hose, extreme abrasion-resistant cover, or even a hose wrap or nylon covering to help withstand the pains of usage. E.E.M.I. can help with routing solutions and advice on the proper use of adapters and clamps to remain your hoses and happy for years with our trouble-free service. Following Imgs of aftermarket hoses that help with everyday hydraulic hose routing issues our customers face. This guide can help aid within the correct routing and installation of hydraulic hose assemblies in various applications. Original equipment manufacturers can utilize the state-of-the-art know-how of the E.E.M.I. will help you grow with our products, when planning their projects, resulting in quick definition of technical parameters, rapid supply of samples and reliable procurement of all necessary test certification.

OEM Vehicle model Application Picture
1 1676218 Volvo - EEMI
2 8149800 Volvo (I) 80*390 EEMI
3 20463924 Volvo (I) 100*148 EEMI
4 1676216 Volvo (I) 76*150*165*125 EEMI
5 20589123 Volvo (I) 80*390 EEMI
6 1358202 / 1401696 1442579 Scania (I) 100*182 EEMI
7 488368 Scania (I) 90*140 EEMI
8 0020945982 Mercedes (I) 100*250 EEMI
9 0005011682 Mercedes (I) 85*200 EEMI